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Category Archives: Culture

“Traditional” = “Sex,” Dreher Admits

It’s refreshing to see Rod Dreher drop the pretense of euphemism and admit that when he uses the terms “traditional Christianity” or “orthodox Christianity,” he’s really talking about sex. It seems to me that “traditional Christian” is political code for “Christians who adhere to traditional teaching about sex and sexuality.” There is nothing more or […]

Death of a Pitchman

Billy Mays, dead at age 50. Billy Mays, icon of his times, symbol of the American service economy, committed advocate of the vernacular, and consummate broadcaster. In the future, no novel about this time will be complete without a character based on Billy Mays.

Been Stuck in My Head for Months

Pandora understands the excellence of minor-key pop songs with prominent jangly guitars, vocal harmony, melancholy lyrics and upbeat tempo and so played Modest Mouse’s “Missed the Boat” for me in March. Haven’t gotten the song out of my head since then. I love the plaintive first verse: “Looking toward the future / We were begging […]