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The West Bank as Israel’s Texas

In his post, “Understanding the Permanence of Greater Israel,” Andrew Sullivan quotes Rhubarb Preserve: This is what really put Israel’s occupation and settlement of the West Bank in perspective for me: Israel has possessed the West Bank for almost precisely the same proportion of its national existence as the United States has possessed Texas and California. […]

Franken, Sen.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled, and Norm Coleman has conceded, and so when Congress reconvenes after Independence Day Al Franken will hold Paul Wellstone’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Just goes to show what I know: In 2007 I thought that Al Franken was the one man in Minnesota who couldn’t beat Coleman.

How to Amend the Constitution, If You Must

By popular demand from the old site, here is my standing list of amendments to the Constitution that wouldn’t suck. 1. Gay Marriage The Congress shall have the power to establish a uniform rule of marriage, and uniform laws on the validity of public acts, records, and judicial proceedings related to marriage, and any privileges […]